The household organic from separate collection are treated in the Zinasco and Voghera plant. In Zinasco is carried out also a composting process.

Performed the steps for checking and acceptance of the materials during the day, the waste is stored in a closed building in depression, while waiting to start the process of transformation. The first phase begins with loading material with an automated crane and placing it in press machines in order to obtain a squeezed material suitable as fuel for the production of gas. The squeezing is performed normally in complete automation.

The squeezed waste is sent into a storage tank and allowed to decant for a day long more or less in order to extract any inert sediments.

The liquid part of the squeezing after decantation in the tank is pumped into digesters, where it is maintained at a controlled temperature of about 55°C to carry out the anaerobic digestion.

Left for a period of 30 days inside the digesters, the digestate is extracted and centrifuged to separate the liquid phase from the solid. The first is sent to a biological waste water treatment plant and the second, the solid one, is composted in Zinasco plant with green for getting a quality compost.

After the intense fermentation the raw compost is separated into two products: the fine fraction becomes fertilizer for agricultural production (composting). The coarse fraction is reused in the composting process.

With no oxygen the methanogenic bacteria produce methane gas over a period of about 30 days. The gas formed inside the two digesters is then placed in a storage tank and from here sent to a 999 kWh.

Producing renewable electricity, Alan Srl contribute positively to the progress of the Green Economy. One activity that motivates us to believe that Another Future Is Possible.