ALAN Srl produces three types of fertilizers:

  • mixed compost soil improver
  • gypsum of defecation
  • gypsum of defecation from sludge

The compost is produced in the Zinasco plant and is marketed with the “Naturcompost Line” starting from digestates and garden maintenance waste.

The mixed compost soil improver is sold to farms that use it directly on fields for biological production and to companies that produce potting soil for nursery gardening and horticulture.

Defecation gypsum and gypsum of defecation from sludge are produced in the Bascapè and Sommo plants and are the result of the treatment of biosolids (sludge and digestates). In addition to providing organic matter and nutrients to the soil, such as nitrogen, they are an excellent corrective for soils with acid Ph or high salinity. They are marketed with the ‘Naturgesso Line’.